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Copying the Traits of the Big Guns

If you aren’t considered an internet marketing guru, you are probably amazed at how they manage such impressive sales figures and how all of their products seem to be huge successes. You experience launch after mildly disappointing launch with items that you feel rival some of those being offered by the “big guns.”

If you are looking to elevate your results, it may be time to stop being in awe and to objectively evaluate some of what they are doing.

You can learn some valuable lessons that can ramp up even your non-guru offerings.

Consider these traits so often possessed by the gurus:

The masters create anticipation.

Think of a few big names in internet marketing and think about their most recent product. Do you remember being surprised the day it went public? Of course not. You knew that product was coming weeks in advance.

They let everyone know that something exciting was on the way. They teased, tempted and revealed just enough information combined with infectious excitement to get everyone’s attention.

The day that product went public, they made sure they had back up plans for when their payment processors or site became overloaded. Think about that. They had people lining up for a shot at that new product.

Why? Because they created excitement and anticipation.

You might not be able to muster the firestorm of controversy and interest a well-known guru can, but you can find ways to plant seeds of anticipation and to get people prepared in advance to buy your product.

You may not have to worry about server failure on launch day yet, but you can increase your odds of hitting the ground running by creating an advance buzz.

The masters don’t rest after that launch.

You’d think that after a massive successful product introduction those gurus would just sit back and count their cash. They don’t. They keep marketing that product. They keep it on people’s mind. They remind late buyers that they have a second chance and they gleefully report the positive comments and feedback they have received from those who bought early.

Yes, internet marketing does allow you to create residual income streams. However, you shouldn’t confuse residual with maintenance-free. Keep promoting after the launch.

Push your product hard until it’s exhausted its possibilities. Even the best don’t rest upon their laurels.

Internet marketing gurus aren’t on top of their field because of luck. In most cases, they aren’t there because of the right product, either.

Their continued success and immediate recognition come from their skills, techniques and persistence.

You may not be positioned to create the world’s most talked about new product launch yet, buy you are always in a position to learn from the best.

Examine gurus and their actions closely. Learn what they do to pull down those big numbers. Then, incorporate those lessons into your own efforts. Even by embracing just a few of the “big gun” strategies mentioned in this chapter, you can improve your performance a great deal.

Sweetening the Pot…

You have a great product, a fair price, killer sales copy and a good looking sales page. Your testimonials are awesome, your market research clearly demonstrated that demand would be high, and there is no real competing product that can do what your offering does.

Why are sales lower than expected?

What is wrong and how can it be quickly and easily fixed?

This scenario happens a lot, and it can be hard to pinpoint the reasons for under-performance.

You might just need a tweak to your sales copy, to refine your PPC campaign or to make some other minor change. In many cases, the problem is very difficult to isolate.

It seems as though, quite often, the decision to buy or to click away comes down to a fine point.

Something small.

Who knows how many sales are “missed by an inch?” The number is probably staggering. How can you take those “almost” and convert them into sales? You might just need to sweeten the pot a little bit.

We are referring to the free bonus.

Offering a free bonus might put enough weight on the “buy” side of the scale to convert those misses into hits. By providing your prospective customers with something extra, you increase the perceived value of your offer tremendously.

Instead of just getting one valuable product, they receive additional interesting offers and products. It can be almost irresistible.

You also allow buyers to experience the sense of getting “something for nothing.” Everyone loves a free bonus of any sort, and internet buyers are no exception. The prospect of getting more for their money can persuade those on the edge to decide to buy and can even convert those who were just mildly interested into sales.

If you feel your campaign just isn’t living up to expectations, consider inserting a free bonus or two into the mix, testing it and comparing the results.

You can use related products to which you already have re-sell right that are “past their prime” or that didn’t require you to make a significant initial investment. The more related the bundled materials are, the more likely the bonus will be to succeed.

Take a moment to look around at some of the sites operated by well-known internet marketing successes. You will probably notice that the bulk of those sales pages offer some sort of free bonus to encourage immediate action. Those at the top didn’t get there by accident–their fortunes have come about by learning how the market performs and what makes buyers open their wallets.

Take a lesson, and implement the strategy. A little bonus loot might be just what your new campaign needs in order to produce the way you had hoped.

Sweeten the pot. Give a little something away. The difference in sales might be far more noticeable than you think!

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