Table of Contents

1. Turning your ideas into steady streams of cash flow 4
1.1 What is an eBook? 4
1.2 Creating an eBook without any writing experience 9
1.3 Best Selling Books to write and sell 12
1.4 Cashing in on other people’s ideas 13
1.5 Message Boards and Discussion Forums 13
1.6 Brainstorm 13
1.7 Writing Instructional eBooks 14
1.8 List all your ideas 15
1.9 Hiring professional Writers to write your eBook 16
2. Writing and Publishing your own profitable eBook 25
2.1 Getting Started 25
2.2 Title of the eBook 26
2.3 Writing Tips for your eBook – Making your eBook user friendly 29
2.4 Key aspects of designing an eBook 36
2.5 Compiling your eBook 42
2.6 A few guidelines for HTML eBooks 43
2.7 Protecting your eBook 46
2.8 The Importance of eBook covers 53
2.9 Customizing and personalizing your eBook 56
2.10 Updating your eBook Dynamically 57
2.11 Delivering your eBook 58
2.12 A list of places to submit your eBook 60
3. Creating a Killer Mini-Site Designed to Sell 63
3.1 What you need to sell eBooks from your website 63
3.2 Designing a money making website 64
3.3 Navigation Structure 69
3.4 Site Usability and Convenience 69
3.5 Building Interactivity and Personalization 70
3.6 Security and Firewall 72
3.7 Domain Name registration 73
3.8 Web Hosting 76
3.9 Payment Processing Options 81
3.10 Security Certification and Encryption 90
3.11 Setting up your download page 91
3.12 Setting up Customer Support and Services 98
3.13 Running your website on “Auto Pilot” 100
3.14 Third party processors 102
4. Marketing and distributing your eBooks 105
4.1 The Marketing Budget 105
4.2 Intelligent ways to Market your eBook 106
4.3 Offline Marketing Strategies 135
4.4 Getting your eBook reviewed 136
4.5 Leveraging the benefits of testimonials 139
4.6 Using Press Releases to advertise your eBooks 140
5. Setting up Affiliate Programs 142
5.1 Affiliate Programs – What are they? 142
5.2 Using eBooks for Affiliate Marketing 143
5.3 Creating a successful affiliate program – Guaranteeing higher income through your affiliate program 146
5.4 Getting affiliates to sell your product 154
5.5 Affiliate Management Services 155
5.6 Promoting your eBook by joining other affiliate programs 156
5.7 Avoidable mistakes 160
5.8 Getting affiliate directories and networks to promote your eBook 163
6. Final Thoughts 165
6.1 Avoiding the most common marketing mistakes 165
6.2 Conclusion – The Future of eBooks 168

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1. Turning your ideas into steady streams of cash flow

1.1 What is an eBook?

eBooks or Electronic books are self-contained “executable” files of HTML. This HTML may be a web site you’ve created or HTML you’ve specifically prepared to be compiled into a downloadable .exe file for distribution. When downloaded, this file will self install on your client’s desktop.

eBooks are very similar to normal physical books in the sense that they are rich in content. They are a huge resource for information. Anything you can put in a physical book, you can put in an eBook. If your site is about tropical birds, why not write a tropical bird guide. If your site is about web design, you could write a beginner’s web tutorial.

An eBook basically is a packaged offline web site that allows authors a great deal of flexibility in presentation of content. eBooks can be downloaded from your website and stored and read offline at any time. eBooks come with user friendly navigation tools that lets the reader skip to any page or search for any keyword in the eBook.

eBooks can be completely interactive with the Internet and can contain live links, graphics, forms, JavaScript, embedded video, audio, animation and more. Hyperlinks and internal search engines enhance navigation, allowing the reader to find items of interest quickly and easily. eBooks combine the functionality and purpose of physical books along with complex software.

eBooks will play a very important role in Internet Marketing over the next few years, no matter what the product or service offered by a company is. How can your business benefit from the eBook direction especially in terms of Internet Marketing? Read on to find out.

1.1.1 Benefits of publishing your own eBook

eBooks offer myriad advantages to the Internet Marketer. A good idea for an eBook can explode your income. The best thing about publishing your own eBook is that not only can you earn a steady income by selling the eBook but you can also market all of your other products through the same eBook.

The primary reason why anyone would create and publish their own eBook is to make money. eBooks that are informative and focused sell very well. If the eBook’s subject has a market, people would be willing to buy it.

One of the major benefits of selling eBooks is that anyone without any sort of prior experience could create a book and with proper marketing strategies, build a huge customer base. The key is building credibility with your eBooks. Once this is done, it would be very easy to make new as well as follow up sales. eBooks can lead to a variety of other opportunities for your business. eBooks also serve as great marketing tools. They can be used to attract customers for your other products or services.

Listed below are some of the other benefits of publishing your own eBook.

Getting published is easier

The costs involved in traditional publishing are high and publishers are extremely selective. Therefore, the percentage of authors that eventually succeed in getting their works published is extremely low.

Electronic publishing has removed much of the risk and costs attached to print publishing. The result being a far greater percentage of would be authors are now getting published.

Low Cost … High Margin

Once again, because the costs of electronic publishing are significantly low, an author can expect to receive a higher percentage of the income derived from the sale of an ebook. In fact, should authors decide to pay for the creation of their ebook up front and distribute the work themselves, they get to keep all the profits.

eBooks have a profit margin of almost 100%. This is enormous. This is aided by the fact that eBooks eliminate shipping and inventory costs. You can update the sell the same eBook for years and derive income out of it. The cost for revising an eBook is minimal. Besides, creating an eBook does not require any technical knowledge. Anyone can create and market it.

Third party publishers are more author-friendly

Authors who opt for third part publishing and creation are granted far greater room for discussion regarding the contract between the third party and themselves. Aspects such as electronic publishing and print rights, duration of contract, royalties, design input, advertising, marketing and distribution etc. are negotiated to the mutual benefit of both parties.

Authors are encouraged to be involved with the creation of their ebook to ensure that the final product meets their expectations.

An eBook can be completed and published fast

It can take anything up to two years for an accepted manuscript to go to print and reach the bookstores with a conventional publisher. eBooks can be published and up for sale within a few weeks. Self-publishers can be selling their ebook within weeks.

eBooks can be enhanced with Multimedia

eBooks have a decisive edge because it can include a variety of multimedia elements that will enhance the reading experience. Multimedia enhancements, such as animation, graphics, expandable photos, audio, short video clips, music, magnify font size and interactive navigational links are bonus features that elevate the electronic publication into a class on its own.

Authors can use these elements to illustrate the textual content more effectively

Varied packaging and distribution formats

The eBook can be packaged and distributed in more than one format. It can be packaged on USP, and CD-ROMs. eBooks are easily duplicated on either format and can be produced on demand

Most eBooks do not require any sort of packaging. There are two other methods of packaging and distribution that are most popular. The physical packaging and distribution costs are next to zero.

The first method is via e-mail. Your electronic book, which is saved on your computer, is forwarded to the purchaser as an attachment to an e-mail addressed to him, after payment has been secured. Cost to you is one local telephone call to send the e-mail. The second method is achieved by uploading the ebook to your website from where it can be downloaded by anyone who has made the appropriate payment arrangements.

Besides, there is no cost for reproducing eBooks.

Marketing and advertising

There are many opportunities available to advertise and market your e-book. The Internet has opened hundreds of doors to previously unpublished authors. You can now tap into the enormous worldwide market via the Internet.

Best of all is that you will have the exclusive rights to market your e-book and people can only buy it from you. Alternatively, you could also enter into an agreement with another publisher regarding the distribution of your ebook.

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