101 Chase Emails by Sam Beatson

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📩📧 Professionally Follow-Up and Get Results with 101 Chaser Emails – Powerful INSTANT “Follow up” Emails for Following Up Enquiries about ANY Product…

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Very few sales happen on the first point of contact. You have to follow up.

You need to build rapport with your prospects, and instil confidence.

They need to be persuaded they are making the right decision. This can take several follow up letters or emails.

60% of sales can be lost because the TIMING wasn’t right for the prospect, or they were simply not followed up.

You’d be amazed by the number of people who fail to follow up a prospect simply because they said “NO” the first time they were asked.

Your ability to follow up prospects and inquiries is pivotal to your success in ANY business.

Remember the rule – follow up, follow up, follow up.

Now save time & money with your 101 INSTANT CHASER EMAILS. You would be right to think it can cost you time and profit to generate “perfect copy”.


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