Myths that Every Child Should Know eBook

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A selection of classic myths of all times for young people. This eBook is among the greatest classic myths of all times that no child should miss.

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Myths that Every Child Should Know – A Selection of Classic Myths

Among every people and in every language there are found stories, superstitions, traditions, phrases, which are not to be explained by the thoughts or ideas or beliefs of people now living; and the same stories, superstitions, is, are found among people as far apart as those of Norway and Australia. The people of today tell these stories or remember the superstitions or use the phrases without understanding where they came from or what they meant when first used.

Myths that Every Child Should Know ebookAs the ground in some sections is full of arrowheads that have been buried no one knows how many centuries, so the poetry we read, the music we hear, the stories told us when we are children, have come down from a time in the history of man so early that there are in many cases no other records or remains of it.

These stories vary greatly in details; they fit every climate and wear the peculiar dress of every country, but it is easy to see that they are made up of the same materials and that they describe the same persons or ideas or things whether they are told in Greece or India or Norway or Brittany.

Wherever they are found they make it certain that they come from a very remote time and grew out of ideas or feelings and ways of looking at the world which a great many men shared in common in many places.

Myths That Every Child Should Know is a collection of the long-lost tales that are told and being retold but which few people know as to their origin and the inspiration that brought them into being.



II. THE THREE GOLDEN APPLES – (Hawthorne’s “Wonder Book”)

III. THE POMEGRANATE SEEDS – (Hawthorne’s “Tanglewood Tales”)

IV. THE CHIMΓ†RA – (Hawthorne’s “Wonder Book”)

V. THE GOLDEN TOUCH – (Hawthorne’s “Wonder Book”)

VI. THE GORGON’S HEAD – (Hawthorne’s “Wonder Book”)

VII. THE DRAGON’S TEETH – (Hawthorne’s “Tanglewood Tales”)

VIII. THE MIRACULOUS PITCHER – (Hawthorne’s “Wonder Book”)

IX. THE PARADISE OF CHILDREN – (Hawthorne’s “Wonder Book”)

X. THE CYCLOPS – (Church’s “Stories from Homer”)

XI. THE ARGONAUTS – (Kingsley’s “Greek Heroes”)

XII. THE GIANT BUILDER – (“In Days of Giants”)

XIII. HOW ODIN LOST HIS EYE – (“In Days of Giants”)

XIV. THE QUEST OF THE HAMMER – (“In Days of Giants”)

XV. THE APPLES OF IDUN – (“In Days of Giants”)

XVI. THE DEATH OF BALDER – (“Norse Stories”)

XVII. THE STAR AND THE LILY – (Miss Emerson’s “Indian Myths”)


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