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Dear Friend and Fellow Internet Marketer,

First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to download this report.  I know if you follow along and apply the lessons learned in this report, your email campaigns will never be the same again.

I’ve written this report with no filler or fluff… just a hard-hitting email technique that I know – if dissected step-by-step – will turn your email marketing campaigns around to a whole new level of profits.

Let’s dive right in… shall we?

If you downloaded this report, then I’m going to assume a few things.

#1 – You already have a list of email opt-in subscribers. 

If you don’t, then I’m assuming you’re working on building a list and I commend you for that.  Your email list will be your greatest asset for your online business.

#2 – You know the basics (or you’re studying feverishly) about how to write convincing sales copy. 

The truth is… if you don’t know how to write strong, motivational sales copy for your website and/or email campaigns… chances are you’re taking two steps forward and ten steps back.  You need to learn the basic skills of effective, persuasive sales copy to make big profits on the net.

If you’d like to learn more about writing convincing sales copy, a few great resources I recommend are:

And there are many other great resources out there so just do a little research and stay the course.  Writing effective, persuasive sales copy will always be your greatest asset… period!

#3 – Create Your Own Products

I won’t get into a long rant about creating your own products, but understand that when you can start creating a few products of your own… that’s when you’ll really start to see the big profits rolling in.  Plus… you’ll have the ultimate freedom to offer sales, discounts, resell rights… the list goes on and on.  So if you’re not at least learning or attempting to create a few products of your own, you really need to consider it.

Another option many online marketers take advantage of is Private Label Rights products.  Briefly… A PLR product is a product someone else creates and then they turn around and sell the “rights” to that product to a select few who can then claim ownership of that product.

You can then change the product’s title, add some additional content, create some new graphics for the product… your opportunities are endless.  You can then sell the product as your very own and keep 100% of the profits from the sale.  For those who struggle to create their own products, I highly recommend purchasing the PLR to some products so you’ll have them in your arsenal for your future email promotions.

#4 – Build relationships with your subscribers. 

This might be the most important factor as to whether or not you have success with your list of subscribers or not.  If you’re not keeping in touch with your list, you’re not building a relationship with them and your chances of profiting from that same list are slim to null.

Nobody wants to get an occasional email that just screams “Buy This Product From Me!”.  You have to treat your list like gold and nurture it.  It’s your greatest asset so treat it that way.  Stay in touch with your subscribers and toss them a freebie once in a while.  Something that has tremendous value – FREE – just as a thank you for remaining a loyal reader.

The truth is, when I first started out online I knew absolutely nothing about sales, I struggled a lot, and I almost gave up.  I thought I knew it all.  Hell, my first venture in the offline business world was mail order and I made more money than my parents ever did.  I thought I was a hot shot!  No… I didn’t make millions, but I was livin’ man!

Then came the Internet boom.  I dumped the mail order biz and jumped into Internet marketing head first.  I figured if I could do so well in mail order, this web thing would be a breeze… WRONG!

Eventually, after years of trial and error, I did – finally – discover some pots of gold, but not in the beginning, and it cost me a lot of money to fail.  A REAL LOT…

But I also learned a lot from my mistakes…and that’s what I’m hoping to help you avoid… those same mistakes.

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