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Introduction To Massage Therapy                                             3
The Role Of A Massage Therapist                                             5
How A Massage Therapist Can Start A Business                   8
Massage Techniques                                                                   17
Conclusion                                                                                     32

Introduction To Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be a benefit for those that experience injuries. It can even help prevent future injuries from afflicting you. Massage Therapy has been around for more than 2,500 years. It was considered as a form of natural healing by the Eastern Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, Japanese, Chinese and Romans. This was before history was recorded.

During the mid 1800s, the Western region started using massage techniques. At that time, the methods used were from the Swedish people. After the advance of Western medicine, massage therapy wasn’t used as much.

However, in the 1970s, it peaked once again, in particular for those that were in the sports massage industry. Nowadays, more people are seeking treatments for their ailments that are not dependent on drugs or surgery. Because of this, more massage therapists are in demand now more than ever.

Having a career as a massage therapist is very up and coming. It is being marketed as a career that can pay you a nice amount per hour. Being a massage therapist can allow you to be flexible in the hours you want and how many clients you want to have.

Massage therapy is steadily in demand in the United States and other parts of the world. It is becoming one of the most sought out wellness treatments. Some people are using massage therapy in lieu of other medicines. However, massage therapy should be treated as a supplement, not a replacement for quality medical care.

Having a massage can help to reduce stress in your body, relieve tension in your muscles and helps to reduce pain in your body. More people are taking this opportunity to indulge in a massage because they’re working longer hours and some just need to get some relief from the everyday cares that consume them.

Massage therapy involves the working of muscles, tissue, ligaments and joint areas of your body. It can help to give relief to soft tissue that makes your body uncomfortable. It is also used when a person has overworked their muscles or experiencing chronic pain in their body. Because of this, more massage therapists are needed in the wellness industry.

The Role Of A Massage Therapist

Massage therapists can be employed to do a number of other things besides the ones listed above. It can be used to relieve pain from arthritis and it can be used for therapy for people that have paralysis on their body.

It can be used to relieve chronic tension symptoms other than muscle tension. The benefits for people opting for this type of therapy include circulation improvement, increased joint flexibility, and reduction of fatigue in your body and also from a mental standpoint.

Even using it for a cold or the flu can be beneficial. It can help to revive the immune system. It is considered a holistic healing method that uses manipulation of tissues in order to achieve the desired result.

Since there are so many people that are suffering from different ailments, massage therapy has become more of necessity for some rather than just a luxury. Back in the day, only those who could afford to would go to a spa for a massage.

Massage therapists can start out in spas, physician’s offices, hospitals, sports teams, cruise ships, and airports. Even Corporate America has gotten in on the wellness industry by hiring massage therapists to give massages to their employees at company cost.
They eventually end up having their own business, either in private practice or opening up their own spa with employees. Either way, having a business of their own can make for lucrative profits.

Massage Therapy School

In order to incorporate a lucrative living as a massage therapist, you will need some training. That will require going to massage therapy school. The cost to go can start in the mid four figures to the mid-five figures ($5,000 – $15,000). However, if opt to go to a private college, the costs will be much more.
Make sure that the school you attend is accredited. You need to be at an educational facility where your classes will be honored elsewhere. Some of the classes that you are required to take are:
Business Practices
CPR & First Aid
Chair Massage
Table Massage
Aromatherapy Massage
Massage Therapy Certification
Medical Massage
Sports Massage
As you’re looking for a school to attend, you will need to find out the requirements to be a massage therapist in your area. There may be different requirements for each state, county, city or town. If you’re looking to do it on a profession level (which is recommended if you’re looking to make a lucrative living from this), find out what the licensing requirements are.

The majority of the states in the United States mandate that you are licensed in order to practice massage therapy and related wellness practices. Then there may be some states that don’t have requirements for professional licenses. However, there may be certain cities or counties that do. The best thing to do is to check all jurisdictions in your area.

In addition to the classes previously listed, the majority of massage schools implement the teaching of Swedish massage. In order to get a license, you should have at least 500 hours of educational training or classroom experience. It’s important that you research very thoroughly to find a massage school that will meet your needs.

With that, you can also take continuing education classes. You don’t have to take them right away, but they will help you increase your client base if you are knowledgeable about more things. Some of these classes include:

  • Therapy for Massage Fibromyalgia
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Legal Issues (good to know, especially for your own business)
  • Healing Energy for Infectious Diseases

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