Planning Your New Years Eve Party the Right Way

New Years Eve PartyHaving or attending a New Year’s Eve Party is something many look forward too. New Years Eve is traditionally one of the biggest party nights of the year when family and friends get together. Even though having your own party can be a lot of work it can be a lot of fun too! To have the best and stress free party you’ll want to make sure you plan it the right way.

Getting Started

The first thing you’ll want to do is make a guest list. Knowing how many people to expect will help you determine where to have the party as well as how much food and beverages will be required.

For example, if your planning on having more than 100 people at your party and you don’t have a very big house, you’ll need to seek out other places to hold the party. This could be someone else’s house, restaurant, club or perhaps a catering hall. Also, keep in mind when planning your guest list that your guest will likely want to bring a date, so you need to factor that into the number of attendees you might expect.


Once you’ve decided who you want to invite, you’ll need to determine how you want to send the invitations. Of course the most traditional method is to mail them. You’ll want to be sure the invitations provide all the necessary information such as date, time, and place, but should also include how to RSVP. It’s best to give them a deadline to let you know if they are coming and if they are bringing a date, so that you have time to get everything arranged.

Other methods of delivering the invitations are to send them an electronic invitation by email or calling them on the phone.

The Food

Once you know how many guests will be attending your party you need to decide on what food will be served and how much will be needed. In most cases a New Years Eve party starts later in the evening after dinner, in which case you’ll want to have a good supply of snack items such as appetizers, finger foods and drinks on hand.

If your New Year’s Eve party is going to start more around the dinner hour, you’ll want to have more filling food or perhaps a full course dinner. If you plan to have your party go on until the next morning you may also want to include a New Year’s Day Brunch that would include breakfast items that are served when the sun starts coming up.

The Entertainment

What would a party be without some form of Entertainment! This is another thing you’ll need to plan for your party. Some options could include a DJ, a Band or maybe just your own music selections. You could also consider hiring a standup comedian or some friends who want to be comedians may work as well. Of course a lot of the choices you make will depend on the budget you have to work with as well, but these tips should get you off to a good start.

New Years Eve Party Activities

You’ve got the guest list, food, decorations, and location all decided but now you need to decide what type of entertainment you want to provide. Some options of course are to hire a live band, a DJ, comedy act or maybe just use your own music. These are all good options, but there are some other ways you may want to consider as well.

Fun with Karaoke

Many people have a blast with karaoke, and this could be an excellent choice for you! Karaoke gets people involved and is a fun way for guests to entertain themselves and can be a very cost effective option. A karaoke machine can be purchased for less than $50 (where I live) and provides the guest with music and singing for far less than a live band or DJ would cost you! While the singing may not be professional that’s what makes it so much fun!

Murder Mystery

Another activity that is becoming more popular is to have a ‘murder mystery’ event. This type of event is normally hosted at a dinner theater and the guests are encouraged to participate in solving the murder case. If you can afford it you may want to hire some actors to pretend to be guests so they can interact with everyone like a normal guest would as this helps add to the air of mystery. Of course you’ll want to instruct the actors to not reveal their true identities to the other guests.

You may not normally think of food as a source of entertainment but it can be if you let the guests participate in the preparation. One idea is to plan a party where preparing the food is part of the party activities. Another idea is to hire a special chef to come and teach the guests how to make some gourmet type of dish such as sushi rolls. All the food prepared will be served at the party.

Movie Viewing Party

If you want a more quiet New Years Eve party you could make it a movie viewing party. For example, you could pick a theme for the party and all the movies would be related to the party theme. You could also serve food that would flow with the theme you’ve chosen as well or you could serve food that would normally be found at the movie theater.

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