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  • INTRODUCTION                                                                             3
  • CHAPTER 2 PLANTING YOUR ROSES                                       9
  • CHAPTER 3 CARING FOR YOUR ROSES                                   16
  • CHAPTER 5 ROSE GARDENING YEAR ROUND                       23


Flowers are a great addition to anyone’s life, home or yard. They are a natural way to add color to your life and they smell great at the same time. Roses are one of the best additions as they add color, scent, and elegance to any flower bed or home.

Roses are a symbol of peace, love, and friendship. Roses are characteristic of great taste and everlasting love for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and the infamous gift for Valentine’s Day. They are always the flower to choose when you are looking to make a special bond with a special someone.

You can purchase roses anywhere. They are available at flower shops, grocery stores and even convenience stores, but they are even better when they come directly from your own flower garden. There are various types of roses and each has its own special characteristics. All roses require the same type of care and that is what you will learn throughout this eBook. This book is a comprehensive guide to planting and caring for your roses, as well as tips on arranging, drying and giving roses as gifts.

Roses are a high maintenance flower but once you have the process down you will have beautiful roses every year. You may feel a bit overwhelmed at first, but each year you will be blessed with beautiful roses that will make your gardens sparkle with color and they will brighten up any room in your house.

Chapter 1 – Choosing the Right Roses for You

There are hundreds of types of roses that you can choose from when planting your first rose garden. This is great because you will be able to utilize a variety of different types of roses throughout your garden. You can mix and match colors and add a variety of different types of roses to your existing garden. To make choosing your rose types easier, you might want to consider a few ideas before you go shopping.

First, the color will play a large part in your rose type selection. From the traditional red to beautiful yellow roses, you have a lot of choices and depending on your flower garden you may want to mix and match a few different types.

Secondly, you will want to consider the height that the roses will grow to. You will want to consider the height of your current garden and ensure that if the roses do grow higher than your existing plants that you can fit them in as a background. Some roses may grow as high as 20 feet and this should be considered prior to making your purchase.

If you live in an area where cold winters are an issue, then you will want a hardy type that will be able to survive during the winter months. The roses will not bloom, but the plant itself needs to be able to survive the cold.

There are advantages and disadvantages to different types of roses. You will want to learn what these are as they pertain to they types of roses that you may be choosing for inclusion in your garden.

The amount of space that you have available in your garden is certainly a concern as well. Roses need proper exposure to air as well as sunlight and rain.

If you are going to be including roses in your home flower arrangements you will need a type that will not fall apart once it is cut. Hybrid teas are great for flower arrangements and are to be considered if you intend to use the roses throughout your home.

Roses need a specific type of environment. Other flowers may damage their special ecosystem and you certainly want to consider what types of flowers you already have when choosing the types of roses you are going to include.

Types of Roses

There are a variety of roses and some are easier to grow than others. There are a variety of rose types to list and this list is by no means complete, but these are the most common types that are typically included. One of the best places to get additional advice and information would be you nearest greenhouse. Some people are novice gardeners and this is something that should be considered as well.

  • Landscape Roses: These are excellent for a novice gardener. They require less maintenance and do not succumb to disease easily.
  • Shrub Roses: Shrub roses are also very disease resistant and they have a long blooming season. These are also good roses for the beginning gardener and beautiful foliage even when they are not in bloom. This name can be somewhat confusing as all roses are technically shrubs. These roses however, are denser and can be excellent for use as screens or hedges for privacy. They also make an excellent border and background for your garden. Many of these roses can grow as high as six feet.
  • Climbing Roses: These are a different type of rose plant because they are designed to grow up like vines. These are great for growing on trellises and may make an excellent backdrop for a yard or garden. They are also able to grow up buildings. These roses add a dramatic effect to any home or garden. There are several types of climbing roses that you will need to consider with some being more intrusive than others.
  • Old Garden Roses: These roses have a strong fragrance, so if you have allergies to fragrances then they may not be the best choice for you. They are very disease resistant and will bloom for several months at a time. These roses were recognized in 1867. These roses are hybrid teas and there are several different classes. The majority of these roses are native to the United States, but a large number of them are for Europe and Asia. These are some of the hardiest roses and are able to withstand a wide variety of weather and climate changes. They do flourish when planted in favorable areas, but they seem to be able to withstand just about anything. The appearance of their blooms seems to signal the arrival of summer.
  • Modern Rose: These roses are the result of crcross-breedingith the polyanthus and the hybrid tea. These are long blooming and very fragrant. They are also excellent for flower arrangements.
  • Miniature Roses: These roses are very unique and they feature a great scent and style. These are excellent indoor roses and do great in the sunniest spots of a home. These roses are very easy to grow and they are great home accents. All they need is a short “bath” each week and last forever. These roses can grow very large, up to four feet, so it is important to keep this in mind. The large plant will need an ample amount of light for survival. These roses do excellent outdoors as well.

Rose Classifications

There is not an official classification system designed for the rose, however, there are different schemes used by gardeners throughout the world. The American Rose Society has a popular system that has been employed by in cooperation with the Federation of Roses. This is not the only system, but it is used by most rose societies.

The American Rose Society uses three types of groupings for roses. These include:

  • The Species
  • Old Garden Roses
  • Modern Roses

The Species are often referred to as “wild roses.” They are easy to identify as they feature five petals and are typically very thorny. These roses are typically found in the Northern hemisphere and they grow best in temperate climates. They may also be climbers. The most popular roses of this group include:

  • Cherokee Roses
  • Dog Roses
  • Gallic Roses
  • French Roses
  • Redleaf Roses

Old Garden Roses bloom once per season, usually at the beginning of the summer. These roses are available in both shrub and vine styles. The colors of these roses vary, but white and pastel colors are very popular. These roses are often referred to as “antique roses” and they are very easy to care for. These are excellent for home gardens and landscaping. The most popular types of these roses include:

  • China
  • Tea
  • Moss
  • Damask
  • Bourbon
  • Noisette
  • Hybrid Perpetual

As previously mentioned, Modern Roses are the result of cross breeding the polyanthus and the hybrid tea. These roses feature deep and rich colors that make a vibrant addition to flower gardens. These are some of the most attractive roses available. These roses do not tend to do well in cold environments. The popular types of the Modern Rose include:

  • Hybrid tea
  • Floribunda
  • Grandiflora

After roses are classified into these three main groups, they are broken down into further sub-groupings including:

  • Color
  • Scent
  • Growth Habit
  • Ancestry
  • Date of Introduction
  • Blooming characteristics
  • Size

It is difficult to classify every rose because of the different hybrids. The hybrids are often a class of their own, but the system explained above seems to be the most functional system that has been adopted worldwide.

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