Introduction Vital Viral Marketing

Vital Viral Marketing - eBookOver the past few years, it has become increasingly common to see and read about ‘viral marketing’, and in particular to learn that, according to the ‘experts’, all internet marketers should be using some or all viral marketing techniques to send traffic to their websites. So, the logical question is – what is viral marketing? And if you should be using it, how do you do so? Is the very phrase viral marketing just another trendy passing fad that will be forgotten in a year or two? Let’s investigate a little further to try to establish some facts.In the most simplistic terms, viral marketing is nothing more than getting other people to pass on your marketing message to their acquaintances, friends, and colleagues. In other words, you create something that is so interesting or involving that they feel that other people of their acquaintance must know about it too, and they pass it on without any direct involvement on your part.

It is this element of direct transmission of information from one person to another that likens the spreading of your message to that of a virus. At that point, in internet marketing speak, your message has ‘gone viral’.Thus, viral marketing relies to a large extent on word of mouth advertising or good old-fashioned gossip! Someone reads or sees your offer, and likes it so much that they feel that they must tell some of their friends. Those friends, in turn, are also actively engaged by what you say, and they choose to pass it on to the people that they know as well.

In this situation, it is inevitable that the number of people who see your message grows exponentially, and also that the more people who see or hear of what it is that you’re doing, the faster the traffic to your website will grow.

And the biggest beauty of viral marketing is that there is literally no limit to how fast your message can grow, or to how far it can spread.

If, for example, you tell only one person, and they choose to tell two of their friends, who do the same and that pattern continues, then the people who are aware and interested in your offer will be doubling with every ‘telling’. Thus, at first, one person would know, but then it would be 2, then 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 and so on.

Now, this pattern assumes that you tell only one person about your new product or service, and that is extremely unlikely unless you are one of the most disinterested and unenthusiastic internet marketers on the face of planet Earth!

So, imagine what would happen if you started out by telling a few hundred or a few thousand people about what it is that you are doing.

If, for example, you have been in internet marketing for any time at all then you have probably already built up your mailing list, and you would obviously mail everyone on that list when you create an exciting new product or service.

If your message is viral enough, then there is an extremely good chance that a proportion of your list members will pass on the news to the people that they know, and so it is not unrealistic that very soon thousands of people will know about what you’re doing.

Viral marketing, therefore, works on the basis of tapping into the existing social networks that you use, and those of the people with whom you already network. Therefore, as long as you can create something that is worth talking about, you will actively encourage people to pass the message along, and by doing so, create a buzz about your product that effectively takes on a life of its own.

Word-of-mouth marketing is so stunningly effective because people will trust and listen to their friends and other folks that they know, whilst they probably do not know or trust you. You might, therefore, be seen as somebody trying to sell them something, whereas the friend is considered to be somebody who is simply passing on good news.

Viral marketing is unquestionably not a fad or passing phase, because, as the internet continues to become more and more interactive (through the growth of Web 2.0 concepts) people will naturally extend their existing social networks, and establish new ones. As long as this continues to happen, the effectiveness and value of viral marketing can only continue to grow.

For this reason, you must start to incorporate viral traffic generation tactics into your overall marketing strategy right now!

Chapter 1: Why Viral Marketing Is For You

I would imagine that you can already see why viral marketing works. And, of course, the more people you can pass your viral message to, then the quicker it will spread, simply because you are starting from a larger base number of people.

You should not, however, start with the false impression that viral marketing techniques can only work for those with big marketing budgets. Another major attraction of many viral traffic generation tactics is that you do not need expensive advertising campaigns or to spend huge amounts of money on your efforts.
In fact, many of the most effective viral marketing techniques are free, and many others are low-cost, as you will discover in this e-book.

Moreover, there are several specific reasons why you should incorporate viral traffic creation tactics into your marketing plans as quickly as possible.

Viral Marketing Is Effective And Quick.

Once the word about what it is that you’re doing starts to spread, then it can do so increasingly quickly as we have already established. There is, in addition, absolutely no limit to how far the message can go and you already know that when the message comes from a friend or acquaintance, it has far more credibility to it. It is, effectively, far more believable when it is a friend that tells you anything.

It is like an out-of-control, driverless car that is rolling down a steep hill, increasing speed as it does so. No one is making the car move any faster, it just does so because of the simple laws of science.

Your viral marketing campaign can be exactly the same.

It Can Locate New And Undiscovered Customers.

No matter how effective your own advertising or promotional campaigns are, there will always be people that slip under your radar, folks who will never see your sales page or hear your sales message directly from you.

However, once you have an army of people (many of whom you have never met or even heard of) pushing your message to the people that they know, then you will inevitably have your message put in front of people who would otherwise never have seen it.

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